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An ASIMish announcement

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, recently voted 'Most Tasty Earth-Based Magazine' by the Council of Venusian Gourmands, has just launched its 53rd issue ...

Issue 53, edited by Patty Jansen, features cover artwork by Nico Photos, internal illustrations by Greg Hughes and Olivia Kernot, poetry by Alexandra Seidel, book reviews, an interview with author (and former ASIMite) Jo Anderton, and the following pieces of fiction:

'On the Train to Cairo', by Gary Cuba
'Or Bind His Tongue With a Cord', by B G Hilton
'House Of Cards', by R P L Johnson
'Blood Man Calls The Whale', by Marissa Lingen
'Flyby', by Clare M Clerkin-Russell
'Marianne and the Mushroom Man', by Lee Blevins
'The Riddle of Svinn', by Krista Hoeppner Leahy
'The Nine Billion Pixels of Samsara', by Gary Cuba again
'Gauntlet', by Barton Paul Levenson
'How To Run A Five-Star Restaurant in the Capital of the Elf Kingdom', by R H Culp
'Welcome to New London, Population: 1', by Matthew Fryer
'How The Moon Got Its Cousin', by Lee Hallison
'Riding the Eye', by J F Keeping
'Snow Cat', by Debbie Moorhouse
'The Realm of Lost Things', by Murray Ewing
'High Density', by Jo Anderton

My own particular favourites among Patty's choices would probably be Gary Cuba's 'The Nine Billion Pixels of Samsara', which is a wonderful homage to Arthur C Clarke's classic story 'The Nine Billion Names of God'; Clare M Clerkin-Russell's 'Flyby', an exquisite Mission Control story; Marissa Lingen's 'Blood Man Calls The Whale', with its heartfelt tussle between tradition and modernity; and Barton Paul Levenson's brilliantly-unhinged space-operetta-with-synaesthesia, 'Gauntlet'. But that's just my personal taste--the stories are all remarkably strong, and other readers will resonate differently. (I defy anyone, for example, to read Jo Anderton's story and remain unmoved by its magical, luminous sense of loss.)

We've managed, for the first time, to release the issue in all its forms simultaneously, so you can choose from print, pdf, epub and mobi editions. Check it out now!


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Feb. 19th, 2012 03:13 am (UTC)
Thanks Psi :)
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