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... but we expect to have ASIM 54 ready-to-launch within the next week or so.

Here's the lineup: (The link in Anatoly's story is to its electronic release on the ASIM website, in commemoration of the Titanic centenary.)

Anatoly Belilovsky,     ‘Durak’
Sue Bursztynski,     ‘Midwinter Night’
C A L,     ‘The Iron Lighthouse’
Zen Cho,     ‘The Earth Spirit’s Favourite Anecdote’
Belinda Crawford,     ‘Lex Talionis’
Tamlyn Dreaver,     ‘Petting the Tiger’
Dirk Flinthart,     ‘Head Shot’
Sarah Frost,     ‘On Carbon Wings’
Edwina Harvey,     ‘HG’
Robert Porteous,     ‘Roasted’
Kent Purvis,     ‘Going Fourth’
Alter S Reiss,     ‘Server Issues’
Nike Sulway,     ‘The Fox’s Child’
Robert P Switzer,     ‘The Day the Iguana Stood Still’
Nicole M Taylor,     ‘The Mad Scientist’s Beautiful Daughter’
M Darusha Wehm,     ‘Modern Love’

The cover art, and this issue's internal art, is done by the inimitable Lewis Morley. (The cover's inspired by Bob Switzer's story, and it's a doozy.) There are also poems by David Luntz and s c virtes, some Hitchhikerish nonfic from Jacob Edwards, and an interview with Brenda Cooper. What more could you want? (Except, of course, for lemon-soaked paper napkins.)

I had a lot of fun putting this issue together. It has a quite different feel to ASIM 51, but it's not quite clear to me yet as to why it's different--my tastes in fiction haven't changed dramatically, nor have I matured as a person to any significant extent in the intervening year. It is, obviously, a different set of authors to issue 51, and a different group of stories, but there's more to it than that, and as indicated it's something I can't put my finger on. But I believe I've chosen well ...

ASIM 54. Out soon, for a given value of 'soon'. Watch this space.

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